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Improve traffic flow and efficiency with OPTIPARK PGS which allows drivers to quickly and conveniently find a parking spot and get to their destinations, while maximizing the utilization and occupancy for your garage.

Airport Parking Solutions

We all know that airport traffic can be frustrating and hard to manage, both for you and your customers. With our 360° camera placed at crucial decision points, you can get drivers to their desired parking easily and efficiently - not only improving the customer experience, but also maximizing the utilization of all your garages and lots.

Keep your busy airport traffic moving with OPTIPARK PGS.

Casino Parking Solutions

Get drivers out of their cars and into your casino quickly and more efficiently with OPTIPARK PGS. This system is designed to be placed at crucial decision points giving your drivers the ease of knowing where open parking is, alleviating traffic and making for a much better experience. 

Smart-City Parking Solutions

Whether your garage or lot is city-owned or a privately owned facility, the McCain OPTIPARK PGS is transforming downtown areas by providing an easy to install and cost-effective PGS that fills the gap between expensive single-space solutions and simple, but often ineffective counting systems. 

Share data from your OPTIPARK PGS with Traffic Management systems, allowing for your city to further anticipate and manage traffic, even at the busiest times. 


Hotel & Hospitality Parking Solutions

After travelling all day the last thing your guests want to do is search for parking. With OPTIPARK PGS, you can guide your guests to open spots and into your establishment with ease.

Help get your guests to rest and relaxation faster with OPTIPARK PGS.

Stadium and Arena Parking Solutions

Stadiums and Arenas offer entertainment to sometimes tens of thousands of customers at once, which almost always leads to congestion both getting into and out of an event. With OPTIPARK PGS, you can not only lead your customers to a desired parking spot quickly but also share your parking garage or lot data with your city's traffic management system, helping mitigate congestion after the event and allowing for more fluid traffic flow.

Broadcasting traffic information to dynamic message signs in and around the city can also help people not attending the event to find a more suitable and less congested way around. 

Education and University Parking Solutions

Parking at universities and educational facilities can be a major pain for students, faculty, and guests alike. With OPTIPARK PGS, you can get drivers to their destinations quickly and  efficiently. With 360° cameras placed at crucial decision points, you can direct drivers to open parking and get them from their cars to class quickly and efficiently.


Mixed Use Parking Solutions

Mixed-use properties require a PGS that is tailor made for your unique facility. OPTIPARK PGS can be scaled up or down and put in any configuration that your suit your needs.  

Healthcare Parking Solutions

Hospitals and medical centers have their own unique challenges since the driver or passenger is often sick, distracted and stressed. There are also many different types of users at hospitals including visitors, patients, staff, and drivers who need ADA accessible options. Hence the need for accurate and efficient parking guidance and wayfinding technologies that can be found with OPTIPARK Parking Guidance Solutions.


Help drivers plan their trip to their desired destination before they even leave the house. The OPTIPARK PGS System can relay messages to dynamic message signs within your structure and along roads and freeways, and even to websites and applications. Click below to see what a complete PGS system can do for you.